The Style

At Portside Health & Harmony we teach Satyananda yoga, a classical style that is holistic in it’s approach. Swami Satyananda called it a yoga for the head, heart and hands (the mind, body and soul).

The structure and presentation of a Satyananda Yoga class differs to what is commonly taught in the west. The biggest difference is the student-centred approach in which the teacher guides students through practices by oral instruction alone.

All classes begin with asanas (postures), then move to pranayamas (breath awareness and manipulation) then finish with meditation or yoga nidra. By practicing yoga this way, a healthier body and a quieter mind are achieved organically.


Yoga courses enable students to experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice and to build on that practice from week to week. Courses run for around ten weeks, depending on public holidays and the length of the school term. Students can either enrol in a course, or purchase a 5 Class Pass, which is to half enrol, and participate without the full commitment.


Level A – For everyone.

Level B – For those with at least one Level A or with prior experience in yoga and meditation.

Level C – For those with at least one Level B or with prior experience in Satyananda yoga specifically.

Level A & B Relax Courses

Yoga Relax is perfect for anyone who feels run down, stressed or anxious. It offers a safe supported space for people to slow down and re-centre. It is particularly suited to people who have never done yoga before and also for those dealing with trauma. The focus is on joint-releasing movements, tranquilizing and expanding breathing techniques and a long yoga nidra.

Level A & B Balance Courses

Yoga Balance focuses on strengthening, expanding and releasing. It is ideal for depression, brain fog, hormonal or emotional disbalance and obesity. In these courses students learn meditation, with various postures and gestures. Students develop strength, release and steadiness through asana, along with balancing and expanding breathing techniques.

Level C, Advanced

Yoga Advanced is for experienced students looking to maintain and expand their yoga. Each term the course explores a series of meditation, pranayama and asana practices. Level C includes and builds on Levels A and B. Advanced students will have a foundational knowledge of core yogic practices before commencing, with at least six months of yoga practice behind them.

Personal Yoga Program – Any level

Yoga can be used to enhance wellbeing in a vast array of problems, from back pain to post-op recovery, from stress to PTSD. The Personal Yoga Program is a series of one-to-one sessions built around you. The Personal Yoga Program is structured around your goals and needs in your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s suitable if you feel uncomfortable in a regular yoga class, want more support, if the timetable doesn’t suit, if your goals are unique, or if you would like to focus on one type of yoga practice, e.g. meditation, pranayama, etc.