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The 108 Zen Meditation Stool is compact, fold-away and lightweight, making it the ideal companion for any meditation or pranayama practice, anywhere. The stool eases pressure off ankle joints, keeps the spine and back straight, and with a faux leather cushion for support, it’s comfortable too! Each stool is hand made right here in South Australia. Australia-wide delivery available.

“I have been a regular meditation practitioner since my late teens but I have always struggled to sit cross-legged for longer periods of time. I started making meditation stools out of my own imagination. It has since become my own unique and original invention.” Abeenash Mahess Kawal, Designer and Maker

Priced at $48
Pay via Paypal
Option of pick-up. Delivery costs additional, based on Australia Post rates.

Treated pine wood, sandalwood oil finish
Length: 40cm, Width: 14cm, Height: 13cm, Weight: 1.3kg
Faux Leather: 65% polyester, 35% cotton - In brown or blue
For persons of max height 6ft, max weight 95kg 
Tailored stools possible for persons taller/heavier, costs extra

“Quality, craftsmanship and comfort are all high level. Beautiful piece, thanks!”
Andy Neilson
“I absolutely adore this little meditation stool. The wood even smells nice.”
Rebecca Moffi