Welcome to Portside Health & Harmony

Portside Health & Harmony brings ancient yogic wisdom to a busy modern world through yoga and meditation classes. The style of yoga and meditation taught at Portside Health & Harmony reduces stress, anxiety and depression whilst restoring health and increasing one’s overall wellbeing. Portside Health & Harmony’s mission is to empower with yoga, so that you can live yoga, and cultivate the qualities of health and harmony in your life for yourself.


Cherie Steele – Founder/Teacher

Cherie Steele practiced many different styles of yoga before finding Satyananda Yoga – a style developed by Swami Satyananda’s translation and adaptation of ancient yogic texts. Cherie knew this was the style for her because of the holistic mind-body-soul approach it offered to health and wellbeing.

Cherie went on to complete the 2-year Diploma of Yogic Studies and Teaching in 2017 (1440 hours), with the Academy of Yoga Science in New South Wales (formerly the Satyananda Yoga Academy). She spent the last six months of 2017 living at Mangrove Yoga Ashram, gaining valuable experience teaching yoga and living a yogic life. Cherie went on to spend the first six months of 2018 teaching Satyananda yoga classes in Melbourne before founding Portside Health & Harmony. Cherie has completed First Aid Training, 31 May 2017 and Mental Health First Aid, 20 September 2017, and is a registered Level 1 Teacher with Yoga Australia (member no.6294).