THANK YOU for enrolling in a course with Health & Harmony. We’re looking forward to you joining in. If this is your first yoga course, CONGRATULATIONS! Doing a full yoga course is a big step and a bigger commitment than most people expect, but it also pays off in improvements to your health and wellbeing.


When you are enrolled you’ll receive an enrolment card, which you need to bring to each class with you to get signed off. The expiration date in the top left hand corner is the date that any unused classes expire.


If you miss a class, you can make it up in any other class that is the same level or a lower level than your regular class. Always book ahead when you’ve decided to do a make-up class and check that there’s a free space.


There are no classes on public holidays. Public holidays are factored into the course costs.


It’s not recommended to eat anything ninety minutes before your class begins. If you are eating before class, try to avoid heavy foods and eat something light, like fruit or salad.


In this tradition, regularity and equinimity are important qualities. So classes begin and end on time. Whilst things do happen outside of our control, aim to arrive a good five minutes before the actual start time, every time, so that you are centred, rested and ready at the start.


Any place where yoga is practiced is known as a sadhana hall, and a sadhana hall is a place where we are humble. Just like we modify speech and behaviour in a church, so too do we modify ourselves in a place of sadhana. This doesn’t mean you need to be serious, but just that you behave with respect; leave shoes outside, leave food outside, turn off your mobile phone, watch your level and type of speech and be tidy.


~ Hari Om Tat Sat ~